Racing Team 8.32
Based in Vienna, Austria

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tba. (alpha available)

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Beyond 35000 is a hyperfuturistic intelligent omnidirectional precision racing game. It is up to 4 players splitscreen but you can also race other player's ghosts online. You can fly around freely, yet sticking close to the ground gives you an extra boost. The tracks are winding and the distinction between up, down, left, right blurrs progressively as you spin and turn through the tracks. The game is driven by its abstract art style, and progressive IDM music. beyond 35000 is currently in development but a prototype/alpha/teaser of the game is already available for download on PC (win, mac, linux), with a full release planned for 2016. The gameplay is a mix of classical racing and free flying. You can navigate space in all 6 degrees of freedom, but staying low and sticking to the ground, walls or ceiling gives you an extra boost to win the race. You can snap your ship to any surface, thus spinning the track around. beyond35000 is best played with 3 friends in front of a large TV set. It is up to 4 player splitscreen and besides the classic "first to finish" check point race, there is also the "drafting" mode. In this mode you can chase the trails of other players which gives you an additional speed boost and slows down the other player. Try to follow other player's trails closely or try to loose your tail by flying crazy manouvers or discovering new ways thruogh the structures when you are in the lead. If you don't happen to have other players around, you can take your skills online and race other player's ghosts in singple player mode.


The project was as a fun weekend prototype inspired by Slipstream 5000. We tried out quite a few game mechanics and handling models, and deviated more and more from our initial inspiration.


  • Wild blend of classical arcade racing and free flying.
  • Fly around freely from checkpoint to checkpoint to find the fastest way.
  • Stay close to the ground for an extra speed boost.
  • Actively "snap" to any wall or ceiling to spin your ship around and make it the new ground.
  • 4 player local scplitscreen multiplayer.
  • Race other players' online ghosts in single player races.


Beyond 35000 Prototype/Alpha Trailer YouTube

Single Player Gameplay YouTube

Multiplayer "Drafting" Gameplay YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (16MB)

download logo files as .zip (50KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "SUBOTRON Live Pitch, finalist" Vienna, Austria
  • "ZIT content award pitch, winner" Vienna, Austria

About Racing Team 8.32

We are a team of four from Vienna working on "beyond 35000" a "hyperfuturistic intelligent omnidirectional precision racing game". We are the perfect 50/50 blend of artists and programmers with a dash of game design, sparkles, 23% fiber, 1.3% sodium and an extra 30% of fun. May contain traces of nuts.

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More information on Racing Team 8.32, our logo & relevant media are available here.

beyond 35000 Credits

Matthias Maschek
Lead Programmer

Julia Murczek
Lead Artist

Raimund Schumacher
Creative Director

Simon Wallner
Lead Game Designer, Business Development

Richard Eigner


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